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Contains 5 accepted taxa overall.

Genus: Festuca L.
Common Name:FESCUE
Genus Notes:Vulpia is generally included in Festuca but Lolium may also become synonymous (Díaz-Pérez et al. 2014; Inda et al. 2014; Soreng et al. 2015; Cheng et al. 2016). Being published simultaneously, Lolium and Festuca would have equal priority until an author establishes one over the other (Art. 11.5), although retaining the much larger genus Festuca would probably be more practical. Columbus & Smith, Jr. (2010) favored the use of Festuca and treating Lolium as its synonym.
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Sub Class
Genus Festuca


Citation FESTUCA Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 73. 1753.
Basionym: **
Type: TYPE: Festuca ovina Linnaeus 1753. Lectotypified by Nash, in Britton & A. Brown, Ill. Fl. N. U.S., ed. 2. 1: 269. 1913.

** Not applicable or data not available.


Scientific NameCommon NameHerbarium SpecimensPhotos
Festuca bromoides BROME FESCUE
Festuca myuros RATTAIL FESCUE
Festuca octoflora SIXWEEKS FESCUE
Festuca subverticillata NODDING FESCUE

Identification Key

Genus Synonyms

SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Amphigenes Amphigenes Janka, Linnaea 30: 619. 1860. TYPE: Festuca nutans Host 1809.
Anatherum Anatherum Nábelek, Spisy Prir. Fak. Masarykovy Univ. 111: 10. 1929, non Palisot de Beauvois 1812. TYPE: Anatherum tauricola Nábelek 1929. = Nabelekia Roshevitz 1937.
Argillochloa Argillochloa W. A. Weber, Phytologia 55: 1. 1984. TYPE: Argillochloa dasyclada (Hackel ex Beal) W. A. Weber 1984. (Festuca dasyclada Hackel ex Beal 1875.)
Asprella Asprella Host, Icon. Descr. Gram. Austriac. 4: 17. 1809, non Schreber 1789. TYPE: Asprella nardiformmis Host 1809, nom. illegit. (Nardus aristata Linnaeus 1767, nom. illegit.; Nardus incurva Gouan 1762.)
Chloammia Chloammia Rafinesque, Neogenyton 4. 1825. TYPE: Festuca tenella Willdenow 1797. Lectotypified by Hitchcock, U.S.D.A. Bull. (1915-23) 772: 30. 1920.
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