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Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Herbarium

Accepted Name Celastrus paniculatus ORIENTAL BITTERSWEET; STAFF-VINE CELASTRACEAE Celastrus
Accepted Name Crossopetalum ilicifolium CHRISTMASBERRY CELASTRACEAE Crossopetalum
Accepted Name Crossopetalum rhacoma MAIDENBERRY; RHACOMA CELASTRACEAE Crossopetalum
Accepted Name Euonymus americanus AMERICAN STRAWBERRYBUSH CELASTRACEAE Euonymus
Accepted Name Euonymus atropurpureus EASTERN WAHOO; BURNING BUSH CELASTRACEAE Euonymus
Accepted Name Euonymus maackii SPINDLETREE CELASTRACEAE Euonymus
Accepted Name Gyminda latifolia WEST INDIAN FALSE BOX CELASTRACEAE Gyminda
Accepted Name Hippocratea volubilis MEDICINE VINE CELASTRACEAE Hippocratea
Accepted Name Schaefferia frutescens FLORIDA BOXWOOD CELASTRACEAE Schaefferia
Accepted Name Tricerma phyllanthoides FLORIDA MAYTEN CELASTRACEAE Tricerma
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