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Plant species within the POTTIACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our POTTIACEAE family page.
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Record Format
Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Herbarium

Accepted Name Acaulon muticum   POTTIACEAE Acaulon
Accepted Name Ardeuma aurantiacum   POTTIACEAE Ardeuma
Accepted Name Barbula convoluta   POTTIACEAE Barbula
Accepted Name Barbula indica var. indica   POTTIACEAE Barbula
Accepted Name Barbula unguiculata   POTTIACEAE Barbula
Accepted Name Didymodon rigidulus   POTTIACEAE Didymodon
Accepted Name Eucladium verticillatum   POTTIACEAE Eucladium
Accepted Name Gymnostomiella orcuttii   POTTIACEAE Gymnostomiella
Accepted Name Hyophila involuta   POTTIACEAE Hyophila
Accepted Name Hyophiladelphus agrarius   POTTIACEAE Hyophiladelphus
Accepted Name Luisierella barbula   POTTIACEAE Luisierella
Accepted Name Plaubelia sprengelii   POTTIACEAE Plaubelia
Accepted Name Pleurochaete luteola   POTTIACEAE Pleurochaete
Accepted Name Tortella flavovirens   POTTIACEAE Tortella
Accepted Name Tortella humilis   POTTIACEAE Tortella
Accepted Name Tortula muralis   POTTIACEAE Tortula
Accepted Name Tortula plinthobia   POTTIACEAE Tortula
Accepted Name Tuerckheimia svihlae   POTTIACEAE Tuerckheimia
Accepted Name Weissia controversa   POTTIACEAE Weissia
Accepted Name Weissia jamaicensis   POTTIACEAE Weissia
Accepted Name Weissia ludoviciana   POTTIACEAE Weissia
Accepted Name Weissia muhlenbergiana   POTTIACEAE Weissia
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