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Record Format
Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Herbarium

Accepted Name Acoelorraphe wrightii EVERGLADES PALM ARECACEAE Acoelorraphe
Accepted Name Acrocomia totai GRU-GRU PALM ARECACEAE Acrocomia
Accepted Name Adonidia merrillii CHRISTMAS PALM ARECACEAE Adonidia
Accepted Name Butia odorata PINDO PALM; JELLY PALM ARECACEAE Butia
Accepted Name Caryota mitis BURMESE FISHTAIL PALM ARECACEAE Caryota
Accepted Name Caryota urens FISHTAIL PALM ARECACEAE Caryota
Accepted Name Chamaedorea seifrizii BAMBOO PALM ARECACEAE Chamaedorea
Accepted Name Coccothrinax argentata FLORIDA SILVER PALM ARECACEAE Coccothrinax
Accepted Name Cocos nucifera COCONUT PALM ARECACEAE Cocos
Accepted Name Dypsis lutescens ARECA PALM ARECACEAE Dypsis
Accepted Name Elaeis guineensis AFRICAN OIL PALM ARECACEAE Elaeis
Accepted Name Leucothrinax morrisii BRITTLE THATCH PALM; KEY THATCH PALM ARECACEAE Leucothrinax
Accepted Name Livistona chinensis CHINESE FAN PALM ARECACEAE Livistona
Accepted Name Phoenix reclinata SENEGAL DATE PALM ARECACEAE Phoenix
Accepted Name Pseudophoenix sargentii SARGENT'S CHERRY PALM ARECACEAE Pseudophoenix
Accepted Name Ptychosperma elegans ALEXANDER PALM; SOLITAIRE PALM ARECACEAE Ptychosperma
Accepted Name Ptychosperma macarthurii MACARTHUR PALM ARECACEAE Ptychosperma
Accepted Name Rhapidophyllum hystrix NEEDLE PALM ARECACEAE Rhapidophyllum
Accepted Name Roystonea regia FLORIDA ROYAL PALM ARECACEAE Roystonea
Accepted Name Sabal etonia SCRUB PALMETTO ARECACEAE Sabal
Accepted Name Sabal palmetto CABBAGE PALM ARECACEAE Sabal
Accepted Name Sabal x miamiensis   ARECACEAE Sabal
Accepted Name Saribus rotundifolius FOOTSTOOL PALM ARECACEAE Saribus
Accepted Name Serenoa repens SAW PALMETTO ARECACEAE Serenoa
Accepted Name Syagrus romanzoffiana QUEEN PALM ARECACEAE Syagrus
Accepted Name Thrinax radiata FLORIDA THATCH PALM ARECACEAE Thrinax
Accepted Name Washingtonia robusta WASHINGTON FAN PALM ARECACEAE Washingtonia
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