Acalypha alopecuroidea

Species:Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacq.
Status:Not Native
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Sub Class
Genus Acalypha
Species Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacq. - FOXTAIL COPPERLEAF


Citation ACALYPHA ALOPECUROIDEA Jacquin, Collectanea 3: 196. 1791.
Basionym: **
Type: VENEZUELA: Without data (lectotype: Jacquin, Icon. Pl. Rar. 3: t. 620. 1792). Lectotypified by R. A. Howard, Fl. Less. Antill., Dicot. 2: 6. 1989.

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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Broward USF  
Collier FNPS  
Duval FSU  
Marion USF  
Miami-Dade USF  
Orange USF  
Pasco FLAS  
Seminole USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Ricinocarpus alopecuroidea Ricinocarpus alopecuroidea (Jacquin) Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 617. 1891.BASIONYM: Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacquin 1791. 
Acalypha alopecuroidea forma glanduligera Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacquin, forma glanduligera (Klotzsch) Müller Argoviensis, Linnaea 34: 50. 1865.BASIONYM: Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacquin, var. glanduligera Klotzsch 1853. 
Acalypha alopecuroidea forma hispida Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacquin, forma hispida Müller Argoviensis, Linnaea 34: 50. 1865. TYPE: VENEZUELA:
Acalypha alopecuroidea var. glanduligera Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacquin, var. glanduligera Klotzsch, in Seemann, Bot. Voy. Herald 102. 1853. TYPE: PANAMA:
Acalypha alopecuroidea var. polycephala Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacquin, var. polycephala Müller Argoviensis, Linnaea 34: 50. 1865.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 03 Sep 1983 A. Herndon 917
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 22 Apr 1976 G. N. Avery 1230
USA Florida Seminole Co. 24 Oct 1981 D. S. Correll 52969
USA Florida Broward Co. 14 Feb 2001 P. L. Howell 352
USA Florida Seminole Co. 22 Aug 1974 A.G. Shuey s.n.
USA Florida Orange Co. 16 Nov 1974 R. P. Wunderlin 5338
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 11 Oct 1997 K. A. Bradley 903
USA Florida Marion Co. 20 Nov 2015 M. S. Frank 1180
USA Florida Duval Co. 12 Jul 2017 C. Hubbuch 308
Cayman Islands Grand Cayman Island 17 Aug 1971 N. Chevalier 85
Dominican Republic San Rafael Prov. 27 Aug 1982 R. P. Sauleda 7591
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Prov. 25 Sep 1970 A. H. Liogier 17486
Dominican Republic El Seibo Prov. 04 Aug 1981 T. A. Zanoni 15867
U.S. Virgin Islands St. Croix Island 18 Nov 1981 A. N. Arcuri 1071
Jamaica Surrey Co. Portland Par. 31 Jan 1980 R. P. Wunderlin 8765
Mexico Veracruz Chalma Mun. 22 Jun 1980 M. Nee 18412
Mexico Colima 08 Sep 1970 D. Burch 2792
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