Lygodium palmatum

Species:Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.)Sw.
Status:Native, FACW (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Lygodium
Species Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.)Sw. - AMERICAN CLIMBING FERN


Citation LYGODIUM PALMATUM (Bernhardi) Swartz, Syn. Fil. 154. 1806.
Basionym: Gisopteris palmata Bernhardi 1801.
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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Gisopteris palmata Gisopteris palmata Bernhardi, J. Bot. (Schrader) 1800(2): 129, t. 2(1). 1801.  
Hydroglossum palmatum Hydroglossum palmatum (Bernhardi) Willdenow, Abh. Kurfürstl.-Mainz. Akad. Nützl. Wiss. Erfurt 2(5): 25, t. 1(2). 1802.BASIONYM: Gisopteris palmata Bernhardi 1801. 
Ramondia palmata Ramondia palmata (Bernhardi) Bosc ex Mirbel, Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris 2: 179. 1801.BASIONYM: Gisopteris palmata Bernhardi 1801. 
Lygodium paniculatum Lygodium paniculatum Michaux, Fl. Bor.-Amer. 2: 175. 1803.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA South Carolina Pickens Co. 21 Mar 1988 S. R. Hill 19063
USA South Carolina Oconee Co. 06 Dec 1987 S. R. Hill 19053
USA South Carolina Greenville Co. 18 Oct 1975 C. L. Rodgers 75443
USA North Carolina Watauga Co. 13 Apr 2002 S. R. Hill 34489
USA Tennessee Polk Co. 03 Sep 1985 J. H. Scudder 596
USA North Carolina Clay Co. Aug 1981 J. H. Scudder 519
USA Georgia Rabun Co. 10 Aug 1978 J. H. Scudder 414
USA Tennessee Campbell Co. 12 Sep 1971 A. J. Sharp 46854
Usa Tennessee Van Buren Co. 07 Aug 1994 S. L. Orzell 22837
USA Tennessee Rhea Co. 24 Oct 1964 G. H. Morton 168
USA North Carolina Cumberland Co. 07 Aug 1957 H. E. Ahles 33420
USA Kentucky Whitley Co. 14 Aug 1949 F. T. McFarland 84
USA Kentucky Powell Co. 22 Jan 1992 W. Botany 261 "Climbing Fern".
USA Kentucky Bell Co. 12 Aug 1989 R. L. Thompson 89-2011 "Climbing Fern".
USA New Jersey Middlesex Co. 25 Aug 1906 H. Dautun s.n.
USA Connecticut Middlesex Co. 16 Oct 1919 C. F. Batchelder 5330
USA Connecticut Windham Co. 24 Nov 1983 R. M. Tryon s.n.
USA Virginia Lee Co. 04 Sep 1977 T. F. Wieboldt 3164
USA Kentucky Pulaski Co. 01 Jun 1991 J. Richard Abbott 451 "Climbing Fern".
USA Pennsylvania Monroe Co. 09 Sep 1936 F. J. Trembley 603
USA New Jersey 21 Aug 1960 H. Dunbar s.n.
USA New York Saratoga Co. 08 Nov 1938 H. D. House 26344
USA Pennsylvania Monroe Co. 1840 J. Wolle 1638
26 Aug 1912 C. W. Jenks s.n.
USA Massachusetts Middlesex Co. 1883 C. W. Jenks s.n.
USA Massachusetts Middlesex Co. 1884 C. W. Jenks s.n.
USA Massachusetts Middlesex Co. 1912 C. W. Jenks s.n.
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