Carex typhina

Species:Carex typhina Michx.
Status:Native, FACW (DEP), FACW (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Carex
Species Carex typhina Michx. - CATTAIL SEDGE


Citation CAREX TYPHINA Michaux, Fl. Bor.-Amer. 2: 169. 1803.
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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Calhoun USF  
Gadsden USF  
Jackson FSU  
Liberty FLAS  
Santa Rosa FLAS  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Carex squarrosa var. typhina Carex squarrosa Linnaeus, var. typhina (Michaux) Nuttall, Gen. N. Amer. Pl. 2: 204. 1818.BASIONYM: Carex typhina Michaux 1803. 
Carex squarrosa var. typhinoides Carex squarrosa Linnaeus, var. typhinoides (Schweinitz) Dewey, Amer. J. Sci. Arts 11: 316. 1826.BASIONYM: Carex typhinoides Schweinitz 1824. 
Carex typhinoides Carex typhinoides Schweinitz, Ann. Lyceum Nat. Hist. New York 1: 66. 1824. TYPE: NORTH CAROLINA:


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Calhoun Co. 03 Jul 2007 T. MacClendon 625
USA Florida Gadsden Co. 15 Jun 1991 R. Mears s.n.
USA South Carolina McCormick Co. 02 Jul 1993 S. R. Hill 25172
USA North Carolina Wilson Co. 21 Jun 1958 A. E. Radford 35694
USA Mississippi Lowndes Co. 09 Jul 1956 J. D. Ray, Jr. 6670
USA North Carolina Durham Co. 23 May 1968 S. W. Leonard 1487
USA South Carolina Richland Co. 29 Apr 2016 J. B. Nelson 35100
USA Minnesota Houston Co. 27 Aug 1976 G. B. Ownbey 5374
USA Pennsylvania Alleghany Co. 23 Jul 1925 J. Bright s.n.
USA Pennsylvania Alleghany Co. 23 Jun 1922 J. Bright s.n.
USA Illinois Lawrence Co. 16 May 2012 S. R. Hill 38880
USA Wisconsin La Crosse Co. 10 Jun 1999 V. E. McNeilus 99292
USA Maryland Caroline Co. 20 Jun 2010 W. D. Longbottom 13660
USA Illinois Massac Co. 27 May 2004 S. R. Hill 35902
USA Illinois Cass Co. 14 Jul 2006 S. R. Hill 36974
USA Virginia King William Co. 11 Oct 1993 T. Bradley 25730
USA Illinois Jackson Co. 19 May 1998 S. R. Hill 30263
USA Illinois Henderson Co. 10 Jun 2004 S. R. Hill 35960
USA Maryland Kent Co. 07 Jun 2014 W. D. Longbottom 21000
USA Maryland Anne Arundel Co. 11 Jul 1909 M. S. Baxter s.n.
USA Connecticut Hartford Co. 24 Aug 1908 R. W. Woodward s.n.
Canada Quebec Prov. Aug 1909 F. Marie-Victorin s.n.
USA Connecticut Fairfield Co. 22 Aug 1909 E. H. Eames 8268
USA Virginia Sussex Co. 25 Jul 1936 M. L. Fernald 6114
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