Vernonia blodgettii

Species:Vernonia blodgettii Small
Status:Native, FACW (DEP), FACW (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Vernonia
Species Vernonia blodgettii Small - FLORIDA IRONWEED; BLODGETT'S IRONWEED


Citation VERNONIA BLODGETTII Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. 1160, 1338. 1903.
Basionym: **
Type: FLORIDA: Monroe Co.: Big Pine Key, s.d., Blodgett s.n. (holotype: NY).

** Not applicable or data not available.


CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Broward USF  
Charlotte USF  
Collier USF  
DeSoto USF  
Hendry FLAS  
Indian River FLAS  
Lee USF  
Martin USF  
Miami-Dade USF  
Monroe Keys USF  
Monroe Mainland USF  
Orange USF  
Palm Beach FTG  
Sarasota USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Vernonia angustifolia var. pumila Vernonia angustifolia Michaux, var. pumila Chapman, Bot. Gaz. 3: 5. 1878. TYPE: FLORIDA: Lee Co.: Near the Caloosa River,


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Charlotte Co. 11 Sep 2011 A. R. Franck 2826
USA Florida Martin Co. Feb 1989 R. O. Woodbury s.n.
USA Florida Collier Co. 02 Jun 1991 J. N. Burch 51
USA Florida Collier Co. 30 May 2016 J. N. Burch 2937
USA Florida Orange Co. 03 Jul 2012 J. Cheak 7
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 16 Jul 2010 S.W. Braem OS0446
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 30 Oct 2009 L. B. Birch 447
USA Florida Monroe Co. 28 May 1966 O. K. Lakela 29916
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 4 Jun 1966 R. W. Long 1668
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 12 May 1981 D. S. Correll 51780
USA Florida Collier Co. 21 Jul 1964 O. K. Lakela 27333
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 17 Jul 1964 O. K. Lakela 27260
USA Florida Lee Co. 1 Aug 1958 R. Kral 7590
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 29 Dec 1973 R. W. Long 4093
USA Florida Collier Co. 28 Jul 1967 O. K. Lakela 30902
USA Florida Monroe Co. 21 May 1976 J. E. Poppleton 789
USA Florida Monroe Co. 18 Aug 1987 B. F. Hansen 11423
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 7 Mar 1966 R. Broome s.n.
USA Florida DeSoto Co. 11 Aug 2008 A. R. Franck 792
USA Florida Lee Co. 15 Jun 1985 E. Brown s.n.
USA Florida Lee Co. 12 Jun 2004 J. M. Kunzer 563
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 8 Jun 1973 F. Almeda 1900
USA Florida Charlotte Co. 29 Apr 1992 S. L. Orzell 19452
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 12 Aug 1992 S. L. Orzell 20426
USA Florida Broward Co. 2 Mar 2006 P. L. Howell 920
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 16 Oct 1962 G. R. Cooley 9403
USA Florida Charlotte Co. 26 Jul 1962 S. B. Jones 1099
USA Florida Monroe Co. 22 Oct 1965 O. K. Lakela 29294
USA Florida Collier Co. 1 May 1965 O. K. Lakela 28532
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 21 Jun 2007 A. R. Franck 244
Bahamas Abaco Island 28 Jul 1973 L. M. Burnett 59
Bahamas Great Abaco Island 28 Jun 1980 R. P. Sauleda 3674
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 03 May 1964 M. H. Weinfeld 74
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