Asparagus officinalis

Species:Asparagus officinalis L.
Status:Not Native, FACU (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Asparagus
Species Asparagus officinalis L. - GARDEN ASPARAGUS


Citation ASPARAGUS OFFICINALIS Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 313. 1753.
Basionym: **
Type: Without data (lectotype: LINN 434.1). Lectotypified by Coode, in Bosser et al., Fl. Mascar. 183: 8. 1978.

** Not applicable or data not available.


CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua FLAS  
Escambia UWFP  
Highlands USF  
Leon FSU  
Monroe Keys FLAS  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Asparagus officinalis forma silvestris Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, forma silvestris Alefeld, Landw. Fl. 295. 1866, nom. inadmiss.BASIONYM: Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus 1753. 
Asparagus caspius Asparagus caspius Hohenacker, Enum. Pl. Talysch 24. 1838, non Schultes f. 1829.  
Asparagus officinalis forma pallidus Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, forma pallidus Alefeld, Landw. Fl. 295. 1866.  
Asparagus officinalis forma ruficeps Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, forma ruficeps Alefeld, Landw. Fl. 295. 1866.  
Asparagus officinalis forma viridis Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, forma viridis Alefeld, Landw. Fl. 295. 1866.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 17 Aug 1988 K. Holland s.n.
USA Florida Highlands Co. 28 Oct 2004 A. Bishop HH0287
USA Florida Pasco Co. Jul 1970 D. Burch 3735 CULTIVATED.
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 19 May 1973 D. Burch 6591 CULTIVATED.
USA North Carolina Carteret Co. 15 Jul 1965 J. H. Ives s.n.
USA Arkansas Ashley Co. 20 Jun 1986 R. D. Thomas 97066
USA Georgia Wayne Co. 03 May 1981 J. Beckner 2488
USA Louisiana Ouachita Par. 18 Sep 1967 R. D. Thomas 4527
USA South Carolina Allendale Co. 13 May 1956 R. C. Bell 2655
Dominica St. Paul Par. 03 Jun 1994 S. R. Hill 25786
USA New York Essex Co. 11 Sep 1977 D. Lundy 19
USA Virginia Hanover Co. 12 May 1968 R. M. King 6401
USA Maryland Worcester Co. 04 Jun 1984 S. R. Hill 10470
USA Virginia Northumberland Co. 13 Sep 1981 L. Abbott 35
USA Illinois Alexander Co. 12 Aug 1999 S. R. Hill 31917
USA Illinois DeKalb Co. 10 Sep 2002 S. R. Hill 35011
USA Virginia Page Co. 29 May 1979 I. Miller 161
USA California Sonoma Co. 26 Aug 1961 P. Rubtzoff 4726
USA Kentucky Fayette Co. 21 May 1961 E. M. Browne 4166
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