Pteris quadriaurita

Species:Pteris quadriaurita Retz.
Status:Native, FAC (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Pteris
Species Pteris quadriaurita Retz. - STRIPED BRAKE


Citation PTERIS QUADRIAURITA Retzius, Observ. Bot. 6: 38. 1791.
Basionym: **
Type: SRI LANKA: Without data, Koenig s.n. (holotype: LD).

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Orange USF  
Palm Beach US  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Pteris pectinata Pteris pectinata Desvaux, Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin Mag. Neuesten Entdeck. Gesammten Naturk. 5: 324. 1811, non Cavanilles 1802. TYPE: Antilles, without data, Herb. Desvaux s.n. (holotype: P).
Pteris plumula Pteris plumula Desvaux, Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 6: 297. 1827.BASIONYM: Pteris pectinata Desvaux 1811, non Cavanilles 1802. 
Campteria galeottii Campteria galeottii (Fée) T. Moore, Index Fil. 220. 1861.BASIONYM: Litobrochia galeottii Fée 1857. 
Litobrochia galeottii Litobrochia galeottii Fée, Mém. Foug. 8: 75. 1857. TYPE: MEXICO: Oaxaca: Teotalingo, s.d., Galeotti 6485 (holotype: P; isotypes: BR, RB).
Pteris biaurita var. edentula Pteris biaurita Linnaeus, var. edentula Kunze, Linnaea 9: 75. 1834. TYPE: PERU: Huánuco: Pampayacu, s.d., Poeppig 233 (holotype: LZ destroyed; isotypes: B, US fragm).
Pteris biaurita var. repandula Pteris biaurita Linnaeus, var. repandula (Link) Kuhn ex Krug, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 24: 99. 1897.BASIONYM: Pteris repandula Link 1841. 
Pteris diestelii Pteris deistelii Hieronymus, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 53: 400. 1915. TYPE: CAMEROUN:
Pteris felosma Pteris felosma J. Smith, Bot. Mag. 72(Comp.): 24. 1846. TYPE: JAMAICA: Cult. at Kew, without data (holotype: K; isotype: BM).
Pteris galeottii Pteris galeottii (Fée) Hooker, Sp. Fil. 2: 204. 1858.BASIONYM: Litobrochia galeottii Fée 1857. 
Pteris longipinnula Pteris longipinnula Jenman, Ferns Brit. W. Ind. 121. 1900, non Wallich ex Agardh 1839.  
Pteris nemoralis var. major Pteris nemoralis Willdenow, var. major M. Martens & Galeotti, Mém. Foug. Mexique 53. 1842. TYPE: MEXICO: Veracruz: Zacuapan, s.d., Galeotti 6291 (holotype: BR; isotypes: BR).
Pteris prolifera Pteris prolifera J. Bommer, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 53: 397. 1915.  
Pteris quadriaurita var. affluentia Pteris quadriaurita Retzius, var. affluentia Jenman, J. Bot. 19: 53. 1881. TYPE: JAMAICA: Without data, 1879, Jenman 12 (holotype: K).
Pteris quadriaurita var. argyraea Pteris quadriaurita Retzius, var. argyraea Underwood, in L. H. Bailey, Cycl. Amer. Hort. 1463. 1901.  
Pteris quadriaurita var. asperula Pteris quadriaurita Retzius, var. asperula H. Christ, in Pittier, Prim. Fl. Costaric. 3(1): 22. 1901. TYPE: COSTA RICA: Puntarenas: Cañas Gordas, Mar 1897, Pittier 10963 (holotype: P?; isotypes: CR, RB, US).
Pteris quadriaurita var. curtidens Pteris quadriaurita Retzius, var. curtidens H. Christ, Bull. Soc. Roy. Bot. Belgique 53: 189. 1896. TYPE: COSTA RICA: San José: San Francisco de Guadalupe, Jan 1894, Tonduz 8494 (holotype: BR; isotype: CR).
Pteris repandula Pteris repandula Link, Fil. Spec. 56. 1841.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Palm Beach Co. 25 Oct 1978 C. E. Nauman 468 CULTIVATED.
Jamaica Middlesex Co. Manchester Par. Sep 1847 J. Wolle s.n.
Jamaica Middlesex Co. Manchester Par. Oct 1847 J. Wolle s.n.
Honduras Francisco Morazán Dept. 12 May 1984 G. Adolfo Torres 174
Honduras Francisco Morazán Dept. 19 Mar 1984 N. Cristoff 126
Honduras Cortés Dept. 10 Mar 1984 D. Velásquez D. 107
Panama Chiriquí Prov. 24 Feb 1973 T. B. Croat 22186
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