Paspalum coryphaeum

Species:Paspalum coryphaeum Trin.
Status:Not Native
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Sub Class
Genus Paspalum
Species Paspalum coryphaeum Trin. - EMPEROR CROWNGRASS


Citation PASPALUM CORYPHAEUM Trinius, Gram. Panic. 114. 1826.
Basionym: **
Type: BRAZIL: São Paulo: Without data, Langsdorff 1026 (holotype: LE; isotype: US(fragm)).

** Not applicable or data not available.


CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Gadsden USF  
Hardee FLAS  
Leon FSU  
Polk USF  


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Paspalum brunneum Paspalum brunneum Mez, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 15: 74. 1917. TYPE: BRAZIL: Rio de Janeiro: Without data, Glaziou 9050 (lectotype: B; isolectotypes: K, P, US). Lectotypified by Chase, in Chase & Niles, Index Grass Sp. 3: 10. 1962.
Paspalum chapadense Paspalum chapadense Swallen, Phytologia 14: 363. 1963. TYPE: BRAZIL: Maranhão: Between Caixas and Barra Corda, 18-26 Feb 1934, Swallen 3508 (holotype: US).
Paspalum familiare Paspalum familiare Steudel, Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1: 24. 1853. TYPE: VENEZUELA: Sucre: Caripe, 1840, Funck & Schlim 228 (holotype: P; isotypes: G, P, US(fragm)).
Paspalum indutum Paspalum indutum Luces, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 32: 162, f. 6. 1942. TYPE: VENEZUELA: Mérida: Pozo Hondo, cerca de Egido, Apr 1940, Sergent 37 (holotype: VEN; isotypes: MO, US(fragm)).
Paspalum meziibrunneum Paspalum meziibrunneum Herter, Estud. Bot. Reg. Uruguay 24: 259. 1956, nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Paspalum brunneum Mez 1917. 
Paspalum micranthum Paspalum micranthum Döll, in Martius, Fl. Bras. 2(2): 51. 1877. TYPE: BRAZIL: Without data, Sellow 3813 (holotype: B; isotype: US(fragm)).
Paspalum pruinosum Paspalum pruinosum Trinius, Sp. Gram. 3: t. 272. 1831. TYPE: BRAZIL: Bahia(?): Near Cachoeira, Dec 1824, Anonymous s.n. (holotype: LE; isotype: US(fragm)).
Paspalum violascens Paspalum violascens Mez, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 15: 73. 1917. TYPE: TRINIDAD: Without data, 1888, Broadway 2175 (holotype: B; isotype: US(fragm)).


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Gadsden Co. 07 Dec 1982 G. Prine s.n.
USA Florida Polk Co. 22 May 2015 S. Dickman s.n.
USA Florida Putnam Co. 11 May 2010 C. Slaughter 17746 CULTIVATED.
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