Salvia coccinea

Species:Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etl.
Plant Notes:This name was mentioned by Bartram on St. Simons Island, GA (1792: 57), and Small (1929: 16) thought it native to the Halifax River region. Contrarily, Chapman (1897: 381) considered it escaped from cultivation, as did Mohr in Mobile, Alabama (1865, UNA). An early collection was made near Jacksonville by Keeler in 1870-1876 (NY), and by Rugel in Smyrna, TN in 1848 (FLAS).
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Sub Class
Genus Salvia
Species Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etl. - TROPICAL SAGE; BLOOD SAGE


Citation SALVIA COCCINEA Buc'hoz ex Etlinger, Comm. Salvia 23. 1777.
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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua FLAS  
Brevard USF  
Broward FAU FAU specimens now housed at FTG
Citrus USF  
Clay FLAS  
Collier USF  
Dixie USF  
Duval FLAS  
Escambia FLAS  
Flagler USF  
Gadsden USF  
Hernando USF  
Highlands USF  
Hillsborough USF  
Indian River USF  
Jackson FSU  
Jefferson FSU  
Lafayette FSU  
Lake USF  
Lee USF  
Leon FLAS  
Levy PIHG  
Madison FLAS  
Manatee USF  
Marion USF  
Martin FAU FAU specimens now housed at FTG
Miami-Dade USF  
Okaloosa FLAS  
Okeechobee USF  
Orange USF  
Palm Beach FAU FAU specimens now housed at FTG
Pinellas USF  
Polk USF  
Putnam USF  
Sarasota USF  
Seminole USF  
St. Lucie USF  
Sumter FLAS  
Volusia USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Horminium coccineum Horminium coccineum (Buc'hoz ex Etlinger) Moench, Methodus 377. 1794.BASIONYM: Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etlinger 1777. 
Salvia coccinea forma pseudococcinea Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etlinger, forma pseudococcinea (Jacquin) Voss, Vilm. Blumengärtn., ed. 3. 1: 839. 1895.BASIONYM: Salvia pseudococcinea Jacquin 1789. 
Salvia coccinea var. pseudococcinea Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etlinger, var. pseudococcinea (Jacquin) A. Gray, Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 2(1): 368. 1878.BASIONYM: Salvia pseudococcinea Jacquin 1789. 
Salvia pseudococcinea Salvia pseudococcinea Jacquin, Collectanea 2: 302. 1789 ("1788").  
Salvia ciliata Salvia ciliata Bentham, Labiat. Gen. Spec. 286. 1833, non Poiret 1805, nec Rafinesque 1817.  
Salvia coccinea Salvia coccinea Linnaeus f., Suppl. Pl. 88. 1782 ("1781"), non Buc'hoz ex Etlinger 1777. TYPE: SOUTH AFRICA:
Salvia coccinea var. lactea Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etlinger, var. lactea Adelbert, in Backer, Bekn. Fl. Java 14(fam. 201): 29. 1954.  
Salvia coccinea var. minima Salvia coccinea Buc'hoz ex Etlinger, var. minima Fernald, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 35: 551. 1900. TYPE: MEXICO: Chiapas: About Ocuilapa, 21 Aug 1895, Nelson 3062 (holotype: GH).
Salvia filamentosa Salvia filamentosa Tausch, Flora 25: 282. 1842.  
Salvia galeottii Salvia galeottii M. Martens, Bull. Acad. Roy. Sci. Bruxelles 11(2): 75. 1844. TYPE: MEXICO: Veracruz:
Salvia glaucescens Salvia glaucescens Pohl, Pl. Bras. Icon. Descr. 2: 136, t. 192. 1833. TYPE: BRAZIL:
Salvia mollissima Salvia mollissimai M. Martens & Galeotti, Bull. Acad. Roy. Sci. Bruxelles 11(2): 71. 1844. TYPE: MEXICO: Oaxaca:
Salvia rosea Salvia rosea Vahl, Enum. Pl. 1: 244. 1804. TYPE: INDIA:
Salvia superba Salvia superba Vilmorin, Fl. Pleine Terre 769. 1863.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Brevard Co. 31 Dec 1964 O. K. Lakela 28049
USA Florida Lee Co. 10 Apr 1991 S. Young 573
USA Florida Brevard Co. 10 Oct 1972 A.G. Shuey M0964
USA Florida Brevard Co. 13 Oct 1973 R. W. Long 4009
USA Florida Brevard Co. 21 Dec 1972 W. Webb s.n.
USA Florida Hernando Co. 27 Mar 1961 G. R. Cooley 8028
Bahamas San Salvador Island San Salvador Distr. 12 Mar 1909 Worthington s.n.
Jamaica Surrey Co. Portland Par. Apr 1967 R. E. Vagner 205
USA Florida Polk Co. 04 Oct 2001 K. Koehler s.n.
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 09 Nov 2015 W. D. Longbottom 24117
USA Georgia McIntosh Co. 25 Jun 1956 C. D. Duncan 20189
USA Mississippi Harrison Co. 30 Jul 1952 J. D. Ray, Jr. 2890
USA Georgia McIntosh Co. 25 Jun 1956 W. H. Duncan 20189
Puerto Rico Cayey Mun. 03 Oct 1982 R. P. Sauleda 7840
Jamaica Surrey Co. St. Andrew Par. 25 Sep 1971 R. W. Long 3452
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 22 Aug 2005 C. vanHoek HR0360 CULTIVATED.
USA Illinois Champaign Co. 09 Oct 2006 S. R. Hill 37151 CULTIVATED.
USA Louisiana St. Tammany Par. 26 Jun 1948 J. A. Ewan 17885 CULTIVATED.
USA Florida Lee Co. 14 Jan 2014 L. Moriarty LK0132 CULTIVATED.
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 11 Sep 1990 D. M. Hart s.n. CULTIVATED.
USA Wisconsin Winnebago Co. 05 Jun 1985 N. A. Harriman s.n. CULTIVATED.
USA Florida Polk Co. 01 Aug 1929 M. Mulvania s.n.
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 11 Jun 2015 C. vanHoek LR2106
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 18 May 2002 K. A. Bradley 2347
USA Florida Hernando Co. 09 Sep 1960 J. D. Ray, Jr. 9871
USA Florida Hernando Co. 19 Sep 1959 G. R. Cooley 7102
USA Florida Volusia Co. 25 Nov 2004 J. M. Kunzer 780
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 15 Nov 1999 J. Myers 576
USA Florida Brevard Co. 08 Mar 2002 J. E. Tear 2074
USA Florida Highlands Co. 16 Dec 1981 D. S. Correll 53175
USA Florida Volusia Co. 21 Oct 1999 R. Stalter 51
USA Florida Indian River Co. 12 May 1963 O. K. Lakela 25984
USA Florida Lake Co. 13 Jul 1986 R. F. Daubenmire s.n.
USA Florida Manatee Co. 02 Nov 1976 A.G. Shuey 1796
USA Florida Marion Co. 06 Nov 1982 J. D. Skean, Jr. 944
USA Florida Okeechobee Co. 04 May 1962 F. C. Craighead s.n.
USA Florida Pinellas Co. 10 Sep 1963 O. K. Lakela 26350
USA Florida Pinellas Co. 09 Jun 1984 D. W. Crewz 2425
USA Florida Polk Co. 27 Feb 1979 R. P. Wunderlin 7328
USA Florida Putnam Co. 1898 M. Rodman s.n.
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 02 Apr 1981 R. P. Wunderlin 8911
USA Florida Seminole Co. 05 Oct 1964 P. O. Schallert 5328
USA Florida St. Lucie Co. 29 May 1980 B. F. Hansen 7122
USA Florida Brevard Co. 26 Nov 1978 R. P. Wunderlin 6531
USA Florida Citrus Co. 18 May 1974 O. K. Lakela 5294
USA Florida Citrus Co. 06 Nov 1981 B. F. Hansen 8998
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 28 Aug 1999 L. Schiller 14
USA Florida Citrus Co. 03 Jun 1963 O. K. Lakela 26022
USA Florida Citrus Co. 11 Aug 1961 J. D. Ray, Jr. 11029
USA Florida Miami-Dade Co. 01 Apr 1965 F. C. Craighead s.n.
USA Florida Lake Co. 31 Mar 1994 S. L. Orzell 22617
USA Florida Dixie Co. 12 Sep 1960 D. B. Ward 2183
USA Florida Flagler Co. 12–16 Jun 1978 D. Tabb s.n.
USA Florida Collier Co. 27 Aug 2002 A. Bishop DW0053
USA Florida Indian River Co. 14 Apr 2001 S. Myers 90
USA Florida Hernando Co. 24 Apr 1959 G. R. Cooley 6497
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 18 Dec 1942 A. E. Perkins s.n.
USA Florida Gadsden Co. 08 May 1955 R. K. Godfrey 53231
Mexico Puebla 26 Mar 1970 R. W. Long 3286
Mexico Hidalgo San Antonio el Grande Mun. 13 Apr 1998 E. Romero L. 4-98-11 Nombre en Otomí: ra dontsénda.
Mexico Oaxaca San Cristóbal Amatlán Mun. 28 Oct 1994 A. Jerónimo 33 Nombre Zapoteco: yeey zhing.
Mexico Veracruz 25 Mar 1970 R. W. Long 3188
Mexico Oaxaca San Baltazar Chichicapan Mun. 09 Sep 1990 G. Gomez 90-9-5
Mexico Hidalgo Metzquititlan Mun. 16 Jan 1980 R. Hernández Magaña 4075
Mexico Hidalgo 25 May 1979 D. LeDoux 2487
Mexico Oaxaca 15 Aug 1975 LeDoux 2280
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