Utricularia simulans

Species:Utricularia simulans Pilg.
Status:Native, OBL (DEP), OBL (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Utricularia
Species Utricularia simulans Pilg. - FRINGED BLADDERWORT


Citation UTRICULARIA SIMULANS Pilger, Notizbl. Königl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 6: 194. 1914.
Basionym: **
Type: BRAZIL: Roraima: Without data, Ule 8315 (holotype: B(destroyed); isotypes: F, G, K, L, MG).

** Not applicable or data not available.


CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Brevard Lit Lit: Schnell, Castanea 45: 274. 1980.
Broward FLAS  
Charlotte USF  
Collier USF  
DeSoto FLAS  
Highlands USF  
Hillsborough USF  
Lee USF  
Manatee FLAS  
Martin FTG  
Miami-Dade Lit Lit: Schnell, Castanea 45: 274. 1980.
Okeechobee USF  
Osceola USF  
Palm Beach FTG  
Pasco USF  
Pinellas USF  
Sarasota USF  


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Polypompholyx laciniata Polypompholyx laciniata Benjamin, in Martius, Fl. Bras. 10: 251, t. 20(1), 22(2). 1847. TYPE: BRAZIL:
Utricularia congesta Utricularia congesta Steyermark, Fieldiana, Bot. 28: 539. 1953. TYPE: VENEZUELA: Bolívar: Gran Sabana, near Río Karua NW of Mission of Santa Teresita de Kavanayen, 26 Oct 1944, Steyermark 59404 (holotype: F; isotypes: NY, US, VEN).
Utricularia congesta forma diminutiva Utricularia congesta Steyermark, forma diminutiva Steyermark, Fieldiana, Bot. 28: 540. 1953. TYPE: VENEZUELA: Bolívar: Gran Sabana, between waterfall at Rue-meru (tributary of Río Kukenan) and Divina Pastora on Río Kukenan N of Santa Elena, S of Mount Roraima, 3 Oct 1944, Steyermark 59195 (holotype: F; isotype: NY).
Utricularia laciniata Utricularia laciniata (Benjamin) Buscalioni, Ann. Bot. (Rome) 9: 111. 1911, non A. Saint-Hilaire & Girard 1838.BASIONYM: Polypompholyx laciniata Benjamin 1847. 
Utricularia laciniata var. poeppigiana Utricularia laciniata (Benjamin) Buscalioni, var. poeppigiana Buscalioni, Ann. Bot. (Rome) 9: 112. 1911. TYPE: BRAZIL:
Utricularia orinocensis Utricularia orinocensis Steyermark, Fieldiana, Bot. 28: 548. 1953. TYPE: VENEZUELA: Amazonas: Vicinity of Sanariapo, near Río Sanariapo, tributary of Orinoco, 8 Sep 1944, Steyermark 58488 (holotype: F; isotypes: NY, VEN).
Utricularia surinamensis Utricularia surinamensis Buscalioni, Ann. Bot. (Rome) 9: 112, t. 2. 1911. TYPE: BRAZIL: Pará: Lower Tocantins River, Campos de Mocajuba, s.d., Buscalioni 826 (holotype: ?).


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Charlotte Co. 29 Aug 1991 S. L. Orzell 18144
USA Florida Okeechobee Co. 29 Oct 1998 S. L. Orzell 25416
USA Florida Collier Co. 09 Oct 1962 G. R. Cooley 9026
USA Florida Lee Co. 15 Oct 1985 E. Brown s.n.
USA Florida Collier Co. 20 Nov 1991 R. Mears s.n.
USA Florida Collier Co. 09 Nov 1991 S. L. Orzell 19004
USA Florida Lee Co. 29 Sep 1961 O. K. Lakela 24687
USA Florida Collier Co. 10 Oct 1962 G. R. Cooley 9142
USA Florida Highlands Co. 28 Nov 1959 J. D. Ray, Jr. 9651
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 02 Sep 1963 O. K. Lakela 26249
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 25 Oct 1979 R. P. Sauleda 3139
USA Florida Osceola Co. 29 Sep 1962 O. K. Lakela 25407
USA Florida Pasco Co. 14 Oct 1979 R. P. Sauleda 3057
USA Florida Pasco Co. 30 Sep 1960 J. D. Ray, Jr. 10323
Guyana 20 Oct 1979 P. J. M. Maas 3660
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 09 Oct 2009 L. B. Birch 414
USA Florida Pinellas Co. 24 Nov 2017 J. Stevenson 2
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