Physalis longifolia

Species:Physalis longifolia Nutt.
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Genus Physalis
Species Physalis longifolia Nutt. - LONGLEAF GROUNDCHERRY


Citation PHYSALIS LONGIFOLIA Nuttall, Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., ser. 2. 5: 193. 1836.
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Type: ARKANSAS: Sebastian Co.: Sandy banks of the Arkansas River near Belle Point, s.d., Nuttall s.n. (lectotype: GH; isolectotype: PH). EPITYPE: COLORADO: Garfield Co.: Silt Mesa, 20 Jul 2010, Mauz 2010-23 (epitype: COLO). Lecto- and epitypified by Pretz & Deanna, Taxon 69: 181. 2020.

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Leon FSU  
Nassau USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Physalis lanceolata var. laevigata Physalis lanceolata Michaux, var. laevigata A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 10: 68. 1874.BASIONYM: Physalis longifolia Nuttall 1836. 
Physalis lanceolata var. longifolia Physalis lanceolata Michaux, var. longifolia (Nuttall) Trelease ex Branner & Coville, Rep. (Annual) Arkansas Geol. Surv. 1888(4): 207. 1891, nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Physalis longifolia Nuttall 1836. 
Physalis longifolia var. subglabrata Physalis longifolia Nuttall, var. subglabrata (Mackenzie & Bush) Cronquist, Univ. Wash. Publ. Biol. 17: 286. 1959.BASIONYM: Physalis subglabrata Mackenzie & Bush 1902. 
Physalis subglabrata Physalis subglabrata Mackenzie & Bush, Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis 12: 86. 1902. TYPE: MISSOURI: Jackson Co.: Sheffield, 14 Jun 1896, Mackenzie s.n. (holotype: NY).
Physalis virginiana var. subglabrata Physalis virginiana Miller, var. subglabrata (Mackenzie & Bush) Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 152. 1958.BASIONYM: Physalis subglabrata Mackenzie & Bush 1902. 
Physalis macrophysa Physalis macrophysa Rydberg, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 22: 308. 1895. TYPE: TEXAS: Kerr Co.: Kerrville, 14-21 May 1894, Heller 1756 (lectotype: NY; isolectotypes: NY, UC). Lectotypified by Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 153. 1958; Pretz & Deanna, tgaxon 69: 182. 2020.
Physalis polyphylla Physalis polyphylla Greene, Pittonia 4: 150. 1900. TYPE: COLORADO: Archuleta Co.; Piedra, 12 Jul 1899, Baker 576 (lectotype: GH; isolectotypes:: BM, F, K, MO, NDG(4shts), NMC, NY, RM(2shts), RSA, US). Lectotypified by Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 156. 1958; Pretz & Deanna, Taxon 69: 181. 2020.
Physalis pumila var. sonorae Physalis pumila Nuttall, var. sonorae Torrey, in Emory, Rep. U.S. Mex. Bound. 2(1): 153. 1858 ("1859"). TYPE: MEXICO: Sonora: Fronteras, Jun 1851, Thurber 418 (lectotype: NY; isolectotypes: F, GH(2 shts)). Lectotypified by Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 154. 1958.
Physalis rigida Physalis rigida Pollard & C. R. Ball, Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 13: 134. 1900. TYPE: LOUISIANA: Rapides Par.: Alexandria, 23 May 1899, Ball 431 (holotype: US; isotypes: CAN, F, GH, NY(2shts))).
Physalis virginiana forma macrophysa Physalis virginiana Miller, forma macrophysa (Rydberg) Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 153. 1958.BASIONYM: Physalis macrophysa Rydberg 1895. 
Physalis virginiana var. longiseta Physalis virginiana Miller, var. longiseta Waterfall, Rhodora 69: 120. 1967. TYPE: MEXICO: San Luis Potosí, Río Verde, 2-8 Jun 1904, Palmer 53 (holotype: US; isotypes: CM, F, GH, NY).
Physalis virginiana var. polyphylla Physalis virginiana Miller, var. polyphylla (Greene) Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 156. 1958.BASIONYM: Physalis polyphylla Greene 1900. 
Physalis virginiana var. sonorae Physalis virginiana Miller, var. sonorae (Torrey) Waterfall, Rhodora 60: 154. 1958.BASIONYM: Physalis pumila Nuttall, var. sonorae Torrey 1858. 


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Nassau Co. 01 May 2000 C. Slaughter 11596
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