Cynanchum laeve

Species:Cynanchum laeve (Michx.)Pers.
Plant Notes:The circumscription of Cynanchum has varied widely. This species has sometimes been placed in Ampelamus. Recent work placed this species in a large Cynanchum (Khanum et al. 2016: Figs. S1-S4), although the genus Ampelamus was not formally listed as a synonym.
Status:Native, FAC (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Cynanchum
Species Cynanchum laeve (Michx.)Pers. - HONEYVINE; BLUEVINE


Citation CYNANCHUM LAEVE (Michaux) Persoon, Syn. Pl. 1: 274. 1805.
Basionym: Gonolobus laevis Michaux 1803.
Type: ILLINOIS: Without data, Michaux s.n. (holotype: P).

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Wakulla FSU  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Ampelamus laevis Ampelamus laevis (Michaux) Krings, Sida 19: 927. 2001.BASIONYM: Gonolobus laevis Michaux 1803. 
Gonolobus laevis Gonolobus laevis Michaux, Fl. Bor.-Amer. 1: 119. 1803. TYPE: ILLINOIS: Without data, Michaux s.n. (holotype: P).
Vincetoxicum gonocarpos var. laeve Vincetoxicum gonocarpos (Walter) Britton, var. laeve (Michaux) Britton, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 5: 266. 1894.BASIONYM: Gonolobus laevis Michaux 1803. 
Ampelamus albidus Ampelamus albidus (Nuttall) Britton, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 21: 314. 1894.BASIONYM: Enslenia albida Nuttall 1818. 
Enslenia albida Enslenia albida Nuttall, Gen. N. Amer. Pl. 1: 165. 1818. TYPE: OHIO: Without data, 1816, Nuttall s.n. (neotype: G-DC). Neotypified by Krings, Sida 19: 927. 2001.


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Mississippi St. Louis Co. 28 Jul 1999 N. A. Harriman s.n.
USA Ohio Hamilton Co. 07 Aug 1882 C. G. Lloyd s.n.
USA Virginia Westmoreland Co. 07 Jul 1990 T. R. Bradley 23777B
USA Missouri Jasper Co. 08 Aug 1920 E. J. Palmer 18628
USA Virginia Fairfax Co. 07 Aug 1910 P. Dowell 6440 This sheet also numbered as Pennell 2518.
USA Virginia Westmoreland Co. 24 Aug 1984 G. E. Lam 413
USA Illinois Union Co. 23 Aug 1958 R. F. Thorne 19997
USA Missouri Lincoln Co. 10 Aug 1978 W. G. D'Arcy 1080
USA Virginia Stafford Co. 20 Jul 1976 T. R. Bradley 11007
USA Virginia Prince George Co. 10 Aug 1939 L. B. Smith 978
USA Kentucky Mercer Co. 23 Jul 1955 M. E. Wharton 9204
USA Arkansas Independence Co. 06 Jul 1968 R. D. Thomas 10100
USA North Carolina Halifax Co. 29 Jul 1970 S. Leonard 3377
USA Arkansas Izard Co. 08 Aug 1970 R. D. Thomas 20640
USA Tennessee Cocke Co. 29 Jul 1977 P. Genelle 2979
USA North Carolina Halifax Co. 19 Jul 1956 H. E. Ahles 17077
USA Mississippi Sharkey Co. 11 Jul 1955 J. D. Ray, Jr. 4883
USA Tennessee Macon Co. 14 Oct 1968 K. E. Rogers 42923 Sheet 1 of 2.
USA Tennessee Macon Co. 14 Oct 1968 K. E. Rogers 42923 Sheet 1 of 2.
USA Illinois Champaign Co. 10 Aug 2008 S. R. Hill 37906
USA Illinois Jackson Co. 23 Jul 1998 S. R. Hill 30613
USA Illinois Champaign Co. 06 Sep 1998 S. R. Hill 30789 CULTIVATED.
USA Kentucky Madison Co. 07 Aug 1981 D. D. Taylor 1093 CULTIVATED.
USA Oklahoma Cleveland Co. 25 Sep 2017 A. R. Franck 4286
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