Sorghastrum elliottii

Species:Sorghastrum elliottii (C.Mohr)Nash
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Sub Class
Genus Sorghastrum
Species Sorghastrum elliottii (C.Mohr)Nash - SLENDER INDIANGRASS


Citation SORGHASTRUM ELLIOTTII (C. Mohr) Nash, in Britton, N. Amer. Fl. 17: 130. 1912.
Basionym: Chrysopogon elliottii C. Mohr 1897.
Type: **

** Not applicable or data not available.


CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua FLAS  
Bay FSU  
Calhoun USF  
Dixie USF  
Duval USF  
Escambia FLAS  
Flagler USF  
Franklin FSU  
Gadsden FLAS  
Hamilton FLAS  
Jackson FLAS  
Jefferson USF  
Lafayette FSU  
Lake US  
Leon USF  
Levy FLAS  
Liberty FLAS  
Madison FSU  
Nassau FLAS  
Santa Rosa FSU  
Volusia USF  
Wakulla FSU  
Washington FSU  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Chrysopogon elliottii Chrysopogon elliottii C. Mohr, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 24: 21. 1897.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Leon Co. 11 Oct 1978 D. W. Hall 518
USA Florida Flagler Co. 18 Oct 1989 D. W. Hall 1906
USA Florida Dixie Co. 12 Oct 1957 R. K. Godfrey 56168
USA Florida Jefferson Co. 21 Oct 1957 R. K. Godfrey 56216
USA Florida Volusia Co. 18 Oct 1989 D. W. Hall 1907
USA Florida Duval Co. 09 Dec 1984 D. W. Hall 1359
USA Florida Volusia Co. 25 Nov 2004 J. M. Kunzer 796
USA Florida Calhoun Co. 20 Oct 2012 T. MacClendon 1219
USA Louisiana St. Helena Par. 06 Oct 1979 C. M. Allen 9752
USA Georgia Chatham Co. 03 Oct 1959 G. R. Swank 504
USA South Carolina Charleston Co. 12 Nov 1993 C. vanHoek 383
USA South Carolina Pickens Co. 17 Sep 1987 S. R. Hill 18830
USA Louisiana East Feliciana Par. 06 Oct 2003 M. R. Griffin 76
USA Louisiana Washington Par. 29 Sep 1979 C. M. Allen 9670
USA North Carolina Martin Co. 30 Sep 1966 A. E. Radford 45281
USA Louisiana 04 Oct 1969 R. D. Thomas 16856
USA Georgia McIntosh Co. 14 Oct 1956 W. H. Duncan 20642
USA Georgia Clarke Co. 24 Sep 1961 D. J. Banks 1399
USA South Carolina Orangeburg Co. 26 Sep 1957 H. E. Ahles 35057
USA Louisiana Lincoln Par. 12 Oct 1971 B. S. Watters 126
USA North Carolina Pender Co. 16 Jul 1996 S. L. Orzell 25130
USA Georgia Thomas Co. 11 Oct 1978 D. W. Hall 519
USA New Jersey Burlington Co. 15 Aug 1951 D. E. Dimmick 224
USA Virginia Princess Anne Co. 23 Sep 1933 M. L. Fernald 2731
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