Vitis vulpina

Species:Vitis vulpina L.
Status:Native, FAC (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Vitis
Species Vitis vulpina L. - FROST GRAPE


Citation VITIS VULPINA Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 203. 1753.
Basionym: **
Type: VIRGINIA: Without data (lectotype: LINN 281.7). Lectotypified by Fernald, Rhodora 41: 433. 1939.

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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua FLAS  
Calhoun USF  
Citrus FLAS  
Dixie USF  
Escambia FLAS  
Flagler FTG  
Franklin FSU  
Gadsden FLAS  
Hernando USF  
Jackson FSU  
Jefferson FSU  
Leon USF  
Levy FLAS  
Liberty FSU  
Madison FLAS  
Manatee FLAS  
Marion FLAS  
Okaloosa UWFP  
Putnam FLAS  
Suwannee FLAS  
Taylor FTG  
Wakulla FLAS  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Vitis cordifolia Vitis cordifolia Michaux, Fl. Bor.-Amer. 2: 231. 1803. TYPE: "a Pensylvania ad Floridam", without data, Michaux s.n. (lectotype: P). Lectotypified by Uttal, Rhodora 86: 62. 1984.
Vitis cordifolia var. sempervirens Vitis cordifolia Michaux, var. sempervirens Munson, Rev. Vitic. 5: 165. 1896. TYPE: FLORIDA: Manatee Co.: Collected in Florida, cult. in Texas, 10 May 1890, Munson s.n. (lectotype: BH). Lectotypified by M. O. Moore, Sida 14: 353. 1991.
Vitis illex Vitis illex L. H. Bailey, Gentes Herb. 3: 217. 1934.BASIONYM: Vitis cordifolia Michaux, var. sempervirens Munson 1896. 
Vitis muscadina Vitis muscadina Rafinesque, Med. Fl. 2: 132. 1830, nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Vitis vulpina Linnaeus 1753. 
Vitis cordifolia var. foetida Vitis cordifolia Michaux, var. foetida Engelmann ex L. H. Bailey, in A. Gray, Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1(1): 424. 1897.  
Vitis pullaria Vitis pullaria Leconte, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 6: 273. 1853. TYPE: VIRGINIA: Norfolk Co.: Norfolk, s.d., Leconte s.n. (lectotype: PH; isolectotype: PH).


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Leon Co. 27 May 1955 R. K. Godfrey 53315
USA Florida Hernando Co. 08 Apr 1964 O. K. Lakela 26966
USA Florida Dixie Co. 25 Apr 1921 J. K. Small s.n.
USA Florida Hernando Co. 06 Nov 1981 B. F. Hansen 8968
USA Florida Calhoun Co. 03 Oct 2014 T. MacClendon 1390
USA North Carolina Mecklenburg Co. 20 May 1968 J. F. Matthews s.n.
USA Mississippi Oktibbeha Co. 15 May 1958 J. D. Ray, Jr. 8486
USA Mississippi Alcorn Co. 06 Jun 1957 G. R. Cooley 5188
USA Georgia McIntosh Co. 14 Jun 1979 S. B. Jones 23243
USA Tennessee Sevier Co. 02 Jun 1966 W. H. Duncan 22700
USA Georgia McIntosh Co. 27 Jul 1956 W. H. Duncan 20379
USA Alabama Montgomery Co. 04 May 2014 A. R. Diamond 25048
USA Tennessee Cocke Co. 03 Aug 1977 P. Genelle 3033
USA South Carolina Beaufort Co. 01 May 1917 C. F. Batchelder 4923
USA Arkansas Marion Co. 17 Jun 1950 D. Demaree 29100
USA Alabama Pope Co. 17 May 1968 R. Kral 30575
USA South Carolina Abbeville Co. 13 May 1957 A. E. Radford 22736
USA Georgia McIntosh Co. 05 Aug 1955 W. H. Duncan 19342
USA North Carolina Madison Co. 10 Sep 1966 J. R. Bozeman 45160
USA Arkansas Sharp Co. 18 May 1947 D. Demaree 26098
USA North Carolina Pender Co. 12 May 1971 S. W. Leonard 4768
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