Commelina gambiae

Species:Commelina gambiae C.B.Clarke
Status:Not Native, FACW (DEP)
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Sub Class
Genus Commelina
Species Commelina gambiae C.B.Clarke - GAMBIAN DAYFLOWER


Citation COMMELINA GAMBIAE C. B. Clarke, in Alph. de Candolle, Monogr. Phan. 3: 146. 1881.
Basionym: **

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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua USF  
Broward FTG  
Charlotte USF  
DeSoto USF  
Glades USF  
Hardee USF  
Hillsborough USF  
Lee USF  
Manatee USF  
Marion FLAS  
Palm Beach FTG  
Pasco USF  
Polk USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Commelina nigritiana var. gambiae Commelina nigritiana Bentham, var. gambiae (C. B. Clarke) Brenan, Kew Bull. 22: 392. 1968.BASIONYM: Commelina gambiae C. B. Clarke 1881. 
Commelina umbellata var. gambiae Commelina umbellata Thonning, var. gambiae (C. B. Clarke) J. K. Norton, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 55: 531. 1956.BASIONYM: Commelina gambiae C. B. Clarke 1881 


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Lee Co. 29 Nov 2003 G. J. Wilder 20356 Sheet 2 of 2 sheets.
USA Florida Lee Co. 29 Sep 2006 J. M. Kunzer 1895
USA Florida Polk Co. 29 Nov 1997 C. vanHoek 1005
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 08 Oct 1991 B. F. Hansen 11984
USA Florida Hardee Co. 09 Nov 1993 B. F. Hansen 12469
USA Florida Polk Co. 05 Sep 1981 R. P. Wunderlin 9096
USA Florida Charlotte Co. 14 Oct 2011 A. R. Franck 2890
USA Florida DeSoto Co. 19 Dec 2009 A. R. Franck 1729
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 20 Nov 1989 K. Holland s.n.
USA Florida Pasco Co. 06 Oct 1990 B. F. Hansen s.n.
USA Florida Manatee Co. 23 Nov 1998 C. Becker WC0491
USA Florida Manatee Co. 05 Oct 1976 R. P. Wunderlin 5721
USA Florida Lee Co. 18 Oct 2006 S. W. Woodmansee 1949
USA Florida Glades Co. 10 Nov 2012 A. R. Franck 3193
USA Florida Hardee Co. 05 Oct 2014 A. R. Franck 3649
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 19 Oct 2015 A. Farid 138
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 08 Nov 2012 S. Dickman 641
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 28 Sep 2020 K. S. Alvarado 120
USA Florida Alachua Co. 06 Oct 1998 K. A. Langeland s.n.
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