Maxillaria parviflora

Species:Maxillaria parviflora (Poepp. & Endl.)Garay
Plant Notes:This species has sometimes been placed in a segregate genus Camaridium, as C. micranthum, but it has also been preferred to keep it in Maxillaria (Chase et al. 2015; Schuiteman & Chase 2015).
Status:Native, Endangered-State

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Sub Class
Genus Maxillaria
Species Maxillaria parviflora (Poepp. & Endl.)Garay - PURPLE TIGER ORCHID; MINNIE-MAX


Citation MAXILLARIA PARVIFLORA (Poeppig & Endlicher) Garay, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 21: 258. 1967.
Basionym: Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Endlicher 1836.
Type: PERU:

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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Camaridium micranthum Camaridium micranthum M. A. Blanco, in M. A. Blanco et al., Lankesteriana 7: 520. 2007.BASIONYM: Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Endlicher 1836. 
Camaridium purpureum var. parviflorum Camaridium purpureum Sprengel, var. parviflorum (Poeppig & Endlicher) Hoehne, Fl. Brasil. 12(7): 216. 1953.BASIONYM: Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Endlicher 1836. 
Maxillaria conferta Maxillaria conferta (Grisebach) C. Schweinfurth ex Léon, Fl. Cuba 1: 395. 1947.BASIONYM: Ornithidium confertum Grisebach 1864. 
Maxillaria purpurea var. parviflora Maxillaria purpurea (Sprengel) Ames & Correll, var. parviflora (Poeppig & Endlicher) C. Schweinfurth, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 11: 285. 1945.BASIONYM: Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Endlicher 1836. 
Ornithidium confertum Ornithidium confertum Grisebach, Fl. Brit. W. Ind. 626. 1864. TYPE: CUBA: Without data, Wright 650 (lectotype: USF). Lectotypified by Atwood, Lindleyana 8: 30. 1993.
Ornithidium parviflorum Ornithidium parviflorum (Poeppig & Endlicher) Reichenbach f., Bonplandia 2: 19. 1854.BASIONYM: Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Enclicher 1836. 
Pseudomaxillaria parviflora Pseudomaxillaria parviflora (Poeppig & Endlicher) Brieger, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 97: 555. 1977.BASIONYM: Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Endlicher 1836. 
Scaphyglottis parviflora Scaphyglottis parviflora Poeppig & Endlicher, Nov. Gen. Sp. 1: 58, t. 97. 1836. TYPE: PERU:
Maxillaria exigua Maxillaria exigua Regel, Index Sem. Hort. Petrop. 1855: 20. 1855; Gartenflora 5: 118. 1856.  
Maxillaria simulans Maxillaria simulans (Ames & C. Schweinfurth) L. O. Williams, Ceiba 5: 207. 1956.BASIONYM: Ornithidium simulans Ames & C. Schweinfurth 1930. 
Maxillaria surinamensis Maxillaria surinamensis Focke ex Reichenbach f., in Walpers, Ann. Bot. Syst. 6: 592. 1863.  
Ornithidium chloroleucum Ornithidium chloroleucum Barbosa Rodrigues, Gen. Sp. Orchid. 2: 208. 1882. TYPE: BRAZIL:
Ornithidium rhomboglossum Ornithidium rhomboglossum Schlechter, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 27: 78. 1929. TYPE: BOLIVIA:
Ornithidium simulans Ornithidium simulans Ames & C. Schweinfurth, Sched. Orchid. 10: 99. 1930. TYPE: GUATEMALA:
Pseudomaxillaria chloroleuca Pseudomaxillaria chloroleuca (Barbosa Rodrigues) Hoehne, Arq. Bot. Estado Sao Paulo 2: 72. 1947.BASIONYM: Ornithidium chloroleucum Barbosa Rodrigues 1882. 
Pseudomaxillaria rhomboglossa Pseudomaxillaria rhomboglossa (Schlechter) Brieger, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 97: 556. 1977.BASIONYM: Ornithidium rhomboglossum Schlechter 1929.