Passiflora biflora

Species:Passiflora biflora Lam.
Status:Not Native, FISC(II)
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Sub Class
Genus Passiflora
Species Passiflora biflora Lam. - TWOLOBE PASSIONFLOWER


Citation PASSIFLORA BIFLORA Lamarck, Encycl. 3: 36. 1789.
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Broward USF  
Lee USF  
Miami-Dade FLAS  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Decaloba biflora Decaloba biflora (Lamarck) M. Roemer, Fam. Nat. Syn. Monogr. 2: 161. 1846.BASIONYM: Passiflora biflora Lamarck 1789. 
Decaloba biflora var. major Decaloba biflora (Lamarck) M. Roemer, var. major M. Roemer, Fam. Nat. Syn. Monogr. 2: 161. 1846, nom. inadmiss.BASIONYM: Decaloba biflora (Lamarck) M. Roemer 1846; Passiflora biflora Lamarck 1789. 
Cieca glabrata Cieca glabrata (Kunth) M. Roemer, Fam. Nat. Syn. Monogr. 2: 143. 1846.BASIONYM: Passiflora glabrata Kunth 1817. 
Decaloba biflora var. mexicana Decaloba biflora (Lamarck) M. Roemer, var. mexicana M. Roemer, Fam. Nat. Syn. Monogr. 2: 161. 1846. TYPE: MEXICO:
Passiflora brighamii Passiflora brighamii S. Watson, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 21: 473. 1887. TYPE: GUATEMALA: Río Chocon, s.d., Watson 97 (holotype: GH).
Passiflora glabrata Passiflora glabrata Kunth, in Humboldt et al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 2: 135. 1817. TYPE: COLOMBIA: Bolívar: Burbaco, May, Humboldt & Bonpland s.n. (holotype: P; isotype: B).
Passiflora lunata Passiflora lunata Smith, Icon. Pict. Pl. Rar. pl. 1. 1790. TYPE: MEXICO: Veracruz: Veracruz, s.d., Houston s.n. (holotype: BM).
Passiflora lunata var. costata Passiflora lunata Smith, var. costata Masters, in Martius, Fl. Bras. 13(1): 552. 1872. TYPE: GUATEMALA:
Passiflora normalis Passiflora normalis Sessé y Lacasta & Moçiño, Pl. Nov. Hisp. 155. 1887, non Linnaeus 1759. TYPE: MEXICO: Without data, Sessé y Lacasta & Moçiño 3302 (holotype: MA; isotype: G).
Passiflora spathulata Passiflora spathulata Masters, in Martius, Fl. Bras. 13(1): 552. 1872. TYPE: MEXICO: Veracruz: Mirador, s.d., Liebmann 4141 (holotype: C).
Passiflora transversa Passiflora transversa Masters, in Donnell Smith, Bot. Gaz. 16: 7. 1891. TYPE: GUATEMALA: Escuintla: Masaqua, s.d., Smith 2099 (holotype: US; isotypes: GH, K).


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Broward Co. 19 Nov 2004 P. L. Howell 841
USA Florida Broward Co. 06 Oct 2010 P. L. Howell 1147
USA Florida Lee Co. 16 Aug 2013 C. Moses LK0125
Bahamas Great Abaco Island 10 Apr 1979 R. P. Sauleda 2238
Mexico Guerrero Xochistlahuaca Mun. 26 Jan 1989 B. Lopez C. 89-1-6 Amuzgo name: ts'oo xcoo nt'ei.
Panama Colon Prov. 20 Apr 1970 T. B. Croat 9835
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