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Contains 1 accepted taxa overall.

Genus: Cheilanthes Sw.
Common Name:LIP FERN
Genus Notes:Many Florida taxa have been removed to the genus Myriopteris with the result that Cheilanthes s.s. no longer occurs in Florida.
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Sub Class
Genus Cheilanthes


Citation CHEILANTHES Swartz, Syn. Fil. 5, 126. 1806, nom. cons. vs. Allosorus Bernhardi 1805.
Basionym: **
Type: TYPE: Cheilanthes micropteris Swartz, typ. cons.

** Not applicable or data not available.


No species exist for this genus.

Identification Key

Genus Synonyms

SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Aleuritopteris Aleuritopteris Fee, Mem. Foug. 5: 153. 1852. TYPE: Aleuritopteris farinosa (Forsskal) Fee (Pteris farinosa Forsskal) Lectotypified by C. Christensen, Index Filicum XLII. 1906.
Allosorus Allosorus Bernhardi, Neues J. Bot. 1(2): 36. 1805, nom. rej. vs. Cheilanthes Swartz 1806. TYPE: Allosorus pusillus (Willdenow ex Bernhardi) Bernhardi (Adiantum pusillum Willdenow ex Bernhardi) Lectotypified by Pichi Sermolli, Webbia 9: 394. 1953.
Aspidotis Aspidotis (Nuttall ex Hooker) Copeland, Gen. Filicum 68. 1947.BASIONYM: Hypolepis Bernhardi, "subdiv." Aspidotis Nuttall ex Hooker, Sp. Fil. 2: 70. 1852.TYPE: Aspidotis californica (Hooker) Nuttall ex Copeland (Hypolepis californica Hooker)
Cheiloplecton Cheiloplecton Fee, Mem. Soc. Sci. Nat. Strasbourg 5: 33, 135, t. 20. 1857. TYPE: Cheiloplecton rigidum (Swartz) Fee (Pteris rigida Swartz)
Cheilosoria Cheilosoria Trevisan de Saint-Leon, Atti Reale Ist. Veneto Sci. Lett. Art., ser. 5. 3: 579. 1877. TYPE: Cheilosoria allosuroides (Mettenius) Trevisan de Saint-Leon (Cheilanthes allosuroides Mettenius) Lectotypified by Copeland, Gen. Filicum 65. 1947.
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