Sisymbrium altissimum

Species:Sisymbrium altissimum L.
Status:Not Native, FACU (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Sisymbrium
Species Sisymbrium altissimum L. - TALL TUMBLEMUSTARD


Citation SISYMBRIUM ALTISSIMUM Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 659. 1753.
Basionym: **
Type: Without data (lectotype: LINN 836.32). Lectotypified by Hedge, Taxon 41: 570. 1992.

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Glades NY  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Crucifera altissima Crucifera altissima (Linnaeus) E. H. L. Krause, in Sturm, Fl. Deutschl., ed. 2. 6: 82. 1902.BASIONYM: Sisymbrium altissimum Linnaeus 1753. 
Hesperis altissima Hesperis altissima (Linnaeus) Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 936. 1891.BASIONYM: Sisymbrium altissimum Linnaeus 1753. 
Nasturtium altissimum Nasturtium altissimum (Linnaeus) E. H. L. Krause, Bot. Centralbl. 81: 231. 1900.BASIONYM: Sisymbrium altissimum Linnaeus 1753. 
Norta altissima Norta altissima (Linnaeus) Britton, in Britton & A. Brown, Ill. Fl. N. U.S., ed. 2. 2: 174. 1913.BASIONYM: Sisymbrium altissimum Linnaeus 1753. 
Pachypodium pannonicum Pachypodium pannonicum (Jacquin) Endlicher, Cat. Horti Vindob. 2: 251. 1842.BASIONYM: Sisymbrium pannonicum Jacquin 1786. 
Sisymbrium altissimum forma pannonicum Sisymbrium altissimum Linnaeus, forma pannonicum (Jacquin) Fiori, in Fiori & Paoletti, Fl. Italia 1: 432. 1898.BASIONYM: Sisymbrium pannonicum Jacquin 1786. 
Sisymbrium hungaricum Sisymbrium hungaricum Lumnitzer, Fl. Poson. 282. 1791.  
Sisymbrium multifidum Sisymbrium multifidum Willdenow ex Sprengel, Syst. Veg. 2: 904. 1825.  
Sisymbrium pannonicum Sisymbrium pannonicum Jacquin, Collectanea 1: 70. 1786. TYPE: HUNGARY:
Sisymbrium sinapios Sisymbrium sinapios Retzius, Observ. Bot. 3: 37. 1783.  


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA North Carolina McDowell Co. 12 Sep 1980 R. P. Sauleda & D. Sauleda 4434
USA North Carolina Chowan Co. 09 May 1958 H. E. Ahles 39865
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