Annona glabra

Species:Annona glabra L.
Common Name:POND APPLE
Status:Native, OBL (DEP), OBL (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Annona
Species Annona glabra L. - POND APPLE


Citation ANNONA GLABRA Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 537. 1753.
Basionym: **
Type: BAHAMAS (mis-cited as Carolina): Without data (lectotype: Catesby, Nat. Hist. Carolina 2: t. 64. 1738). Lectotypified by Dandy, Sloane Herb. 112. 1958.

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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Brevard USF  
Broward USF  
Charlotte USF  
Collier USF  
DeSoto USF  
Glades FLAS  
Hendry USF  
Highlands FLAS  
Indian River USF  
Lee USF  
Manatee FLAS  
Martin FLAS  
Miami-Dade USF  
Monroe Keys USF  
Monroe Mainland USF  
Palm Beach USF  
St. Lucie USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Annona laurifolia Annona laurifolia Dunal, Monogr. Anonac. 65. 1817, nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Annona glabra Linnaeus 1753. 
Annona palustris Annona palustris Linnaeus, Sp. Pl., ed. 2. 757. 1762. TYPE: JAMAICA: WIthout data (lectotype: Sloane, Voy. Jamaica 1: t. 228(1). 1729). Lectotypified by Rainer, in C. E. Jarvis, Order out of Chaos 296. 2007.
Guanabanus palustris Guanabanus palustris (Linnaeus) M. Gómez de la Maza y Jiménez, Fl. Haban. 114. 1897.BASIONYM: Annona palustris Linnaeus 1762. 
Annona australis Annona australis A. Saint-Hilaire, in A. Saint-Hilaire et al., Fl. Bras. Merid. 1: 33. 1825. TYPE: BRAZIL:
Annona chrysocarpa Annona chrysocarpa Leprieur, in Guillemin et al., Fl. Seneg. Tent. 1: 6. 1830.  
Annona peruviana Annona peruviana Humboldt & Bonpland ex Dunal, Monogr. Anonac. 60, 67. 1817. TYPE: ECUADOR: Guayas: Near Guayaquil, s.d., Humboldt & Bonpland s.n. (holotype: P).
Annona uliginosa Annona uliginosa Kunth, in Humboldt et al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 5: 56. 1821, nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Annona peruviana Humboldt & Bonpland ex Dunal 1817.